Have You Heard Of This Remarkable Young Woman? You Will!

I am thrilled to have had the privilege of meeting entrepreneur Ava Anderson, founder of Ava Anderson Non Toxic! She started this company at just 15 years old after learning about the dangers that harmful chemicals in our everyday products pose to our health and the environment. It is by far the best organic skin care and household … Read More


Happy Birthday To My Remarkable Son!

Happy 12th Birthday Joey!  What a great kid he is! Kind, funny, extremely thoughtful and fun to be around. He is also generous of spirit and very much in love with life. Joey is a mighty fine athlete and one smart cookie, a very bright straight A student! I’m giving myself license to brag since it is his […]


Enjoy The Health Benefits Of These Delicious Summer Fruits

Delicious summer fruits… nature’s candy is packed full of important nutrients Cherries  Research done at the University of Michigan Health System uncovered cardiovascular benefits of tart cherries. They suspect that the anthocyanins help reduce risk factors for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes by potentially activating PPAR found in the body’s tissues which regulate fat and glucose levels […]


Just for Fun

Jiff! The talented and super cute pomeranian! Thought I’d start the weekend off with a little fun and cuteness. I saw this on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, my family loves this little guy! He spreads joy. As my 8 year old says, “Jiff just brightens up your day more, even when you’re already having a good one!” […]

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Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good?

It may surprise you to find out that the sunscreen you are spreading all over you and your kids this summer is posing serious health risks. More and more people are becoming savvy about their sunscreen, even mainstream doctors are realizing that these chemicals are dangerous. It’s time that everyone knew the truth. This is not […]


Lessons My Father Taught Me

His optimism and perseverance never cease to amaze me It’s a year ago today that my father passed away. The year of firsts… first Christmas without him, first Father’s Day without him… but I miss him every single day. The world felt safer with him in it. I am fortunate to have had a father I admire and respect. I am the woman […]

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7 Tips to Make Traveling With Kids More Enjoyable

First tip: Don’t do it. All right, I’m kidding, of course, but anyone who has traveled with kids will tell you that it’s challenging. They fight, they get bored, hungry, or tired, and they incessantly ask, “are we there yet?!” The lasting memories made on family vacations are priceless, but hassles on the road make for […]


What Does Drowning Really Look Like?

As we kick of another Summer filled with beach days, lake trips and fun at the pool, it's important to remember that water safety is crucial, it takes only a few short minutes for someone to drown. Although both of my boys are good swimmers, even the strongest swimmer is at risk when someone pushes him […]

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