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How Private Are The Fitting Rooms At Retail Stores?

I stopped into TJ Maxx the other day - which, by the way, is one of my absolute all time fave places for great deals and awesome stuff, but I digress... I'll share my top places to shop in another post. I took a look at the slats on the door of the fitting room to see if they were going up or down.  Do you ever feel as though … Read More

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Happy Mother’s Day! 💜

“Children are the anchors of a mother’s life” ~Sophocles How lucky am I to be their mommy?! I am in awe of how much God must love me to bring these two boys into my life. I am blessed beyond measure 💜 Jackson and Joey enrich my life everyday… the lessons motherhood has taught me are more […]

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The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Organic Living

From overwhelmed to gorgeously detoxed in 6 weeks Improve your health & look younger When it comes to organic personal care, beauty and household products, do you feel overwhelmed by all the ‘safe’ products out there?! I did too! Do you ever wish there was an easy (and affordable!) way to understand what is best […]

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iSavvy Song Of The Week: Prince

I’ve had Prince songs running through my head all week… Prince is an iconic cultural legend whose music defied definition, transcended genres and makes us all want to get up and dance. A legend that is gone way too soon. He was a musical genius who championed for women in the music industry. A trailblazer and true […]

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Celebrate #EarthDay2016 With These 5 Easy Tips To Go Green

There’s a hippie chick hiding inside this savvy ecopreneur that feels compelled to treat the earth kindly every day. Connect with your inner flower child and make a few positive changes for Mother Earth, we will all reap the benefits… After the devastation of the oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969, Earth Day […]

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Read All About It ~ 5 Articles Worth Reading

 Essential Reading  This is disturbing but so important for parents everywhere to be aware. Even if your kids are toddlers, they’ll be tweens one day. Jamie is 13 and hasn’t even kissed a girl. But he’s now on the Sex Offender Register after online porn warped his mind… A cautionary tale. Clean your home without inhaling harmful […]

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5 Healthy Alternatives to Kids’ Favorite Foods

When was the last time your child asked you for a plate of steamed vegetables? In this junk food obsessed culture, the likelihood is never. Providing our kids with a healthy diet is a constant battle for parents in this country where the food supply is horrendous and we spend more than 110 billion dollars […]


Illuminate Your Hair Naturally With These 7 Tips

Guest post by Cassie Brewer Your hair is your crowning glory, it should be beautiful and bright just like your diamond rings. Achieving tantalizing tresses is a lot like looking after your skin. Follow this natural routine and you’ll enjoy good hair days every day.   Shift Your Shampoo Routine  You shouldn’t wash your hair daily, 2 […]


Eco-fashion: The Green Garment Movement

More and more big companies are becoming eco savvy by using methods that create a minimal carbon footprint without the use of harmful or synthetic chemicals when manufacturing their clothing. Brands leading the way into the green garment movement by positively impacting the environment include Adidas with aparel made with bionic yard, a textile made from […]


A Grateful Heart

Scores of studies show that gratitude offers a bevy of health benefits, from improved sleep, to enhancing relationships, strengthening immunity & decreasing stress Gratitude is powerful. Some of the wise spiritual leaders I follow suggest that when you are feeling down, angry or uninspired, think about things you are grateful for and it will turn your mood […]

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