My Wonderful First Born Is A Teeanager!

Happy 13th Birthday Joey!!!  Joey is a teenager. Let's just sit with that for a minute... his first big birthday milestone. My first born is a teenager?! Wow. It's somewhat cliche but there truly is no way to describe the love I feel for my children. Becoming a mom has taught me valuable lessons about life and love. It has been one … Read More


Shop Savvy: The Organic Store For Makeup, Personal Care & Household Items

Ava Anderson Non Toxic Revolutionary, high quality, affordable organic beauty, personal care & household products that are highly effective and safe for the whole family as well as the environment (click on photos below to browse products & purchase)                                         […]


Do You Know What To Do If You Get Caught In A Rip Current?

I’ve been soaking up the sun taking in some fun, relaxing beach days this summer. I’m very blessed to live by the beautiful Pacific Ocean. There’s an endless amount of fun to be had at the beach but the surf can be rough and dangerous. Tragedy struck over the weekend here in Southern California. On Sunday, […]

2013-07-08 Lake Tahoe 2013 021

25 Fun Things To Do In Lake Tahoe

I am still on a high from our fun vacation to Lake Tahoe last month. I loved how far removed I felt from everyday life and my daily routine. I swear, I almost forgot what real life was like! Getaways benefit our health in numerous ways, most significantly, they bust stress and give us something […]

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Wishing You A Fun 4th!

“It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them.” –Mark Twain ★ ★ ★Happy 4th of July! Stay safe & have fun as we celebrate our freedom & independence & honor our great country! ★ ★ ★ […]


Illuminate Your Hair Naturally With These 7 Tips

Guest post by Cassie Brewer Your hair is your crowning glory, it should be beautiful and bright just like your diamond rings. Achieving tantalizing tresses is a lot like looking after your skin. Follow this natural routine and you’ll enjoy good hair days every day.   Shift Your Shampoo Routine  You shouldn’t wash your hair daily, 2 […]

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Eco-fashion: The Green Garment Movement

More and more big companies are becoming eco savvy by using methods that create a minimal carbon footprint without the use of harmful or synthetic chemicals when manufacturing their clothing. Brands leading the way into the green garment movement by positively impacting the environment include Adidas with aparel made with bionic yard, a textile made from […]


A Grateful Heart

Scores of studies show that gratitude offers a bevy of health benefits, from improved sleep, to enhancing relationships, strengthening immunity & decreasing stress Gratitude is powerful. Some of the wise spiritual leaders I follow suggest that when you are feeling down, angry or uninspired, think about things you are grateful for and it will turn your mood […]


Take A Stand Against Child Abuse & Neglect

More than 5 children a day die from child abuse and neglect in this country. 80% of those children are under the age of 4. Sadly, that number is growing, 15 years ago it was 3 children a day. What’s worse is that there are actually 3 times more children than that being killed at the […]

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